Obsidian Snakeskin leather Diana harness

Obsidian Snakeskin leather Diana harness


Obsidian is formed in the heart of a volcano, it is the most refined form of lava and is a very powerful and creative stone. It resonates with the earth and grounds and protects against any kind of harmful or negative energy. It draws out stress and tension and increases self control. Obsidian was highly valued in ancient cultures because it can be fractured to produce blades as sharp as today's scalpels...

The Diana harness is named for Wonderwoman and the goddess Diana who was the goddess of the hunt. Her father was Jupiter, king of the gods. One of her jobs was to bring out the moon. Some days she brought the whole moon. Some days, she only brought out a piece of it. It depended upon her mood.  This piece is hand cut and stitched from striking iridescent scaled soft leather with large and heavy sensual obsidian beads for luxurious pleasure and superpowers.

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