Yayoni rainbow flourite french lace Venus Harness

Yayoni rainbow flourite french lace Venus Harness


Rainbow Fluorite exhibits a spectrum of wonderful purple, blue, green, clear and yellow colours. It is said to heighten mental and intuitive abilities and is good for developing connection with the wild female spirit. It improves mental clarity and increases focus, great for tantric experiences.

named for Venus goddess of love,sex, beauty and fertility this piece is made from delicate and sheer chantilly lace with heavy and sensual beads for luxurious pleasure and superpowered enjoyment

It is common for some varieties for fluorite to demonstrate fluorescence in ultraviolet light, and it is believed that the word itself comes from fluorite.  Different places yield different elemental impurities which get included into the fluorite crystals, which in turn yield varying colors of fluorescence.  For example, fluorites from a particular area in England have a bright blue fluorescence, which is said to be caused by europium, one of the rarest elements in the universe.

comes beautifully packed in one of our mermaid design boxes

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